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Excavator Attachments Manufacturer & Supplier

CHENGTAI Attachments are designed for primary and secondary demolition in various conditions: demolition, road works, quarries and mins, tunnels and enclosed spaces, recycling aggregates, pipeline and trenches, maintaining landscaping and agricultural areas, urban job sites, excavations and removals, foundries, forest files.

Product Cateagories

The CTHB has more than 15 years experience in this field, our main products are excavator attachments, include: Hydraulic Rock Hammer,Hydraulic Crushers,Hydraulic Shears,Demolition & Hydraulic Grapples, Quick Hitchs and much more.We offer best solution to various wokring condition.It is our mission to help customers choose the right attachments for their machines.

Demolition Attachments
Rock Breaking,Material Cutting,Concrete Crushing
Construction Attachments
Attachments for Drilling, Piling,Compacting and Posting
Recycling Attachments
Scrap Material & Car Recycling,Material Handling & Moving
Other Attachments
Excavator Digging,Connecting & Switching, Screening Functions.
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CTHB guarantees that highest quality products, entirely designed and manufactured with 25 high precision machines,such as DOOSAN HM805,in our 3 factories located in the our 30,000㎡ self-own area.

As a leading hydraulic attachments manufacturer in China, our process beginds with raw material, then maching & QC, finally, we move to assembly and testing our wide range products for 0.8ton to 60 ton machines.

Why Choose CTHB

well equipped workshops
high-productivity machines
sophisticated workers
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Why Choose CTHB
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