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Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

The CTHB has more than 6 years exported experience and our products have expored more than 40 countries around the world. We always hold the service first and quality first in our mind.

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Skills and Integrity that Make Us Rise In History

Skills and Integrity that Make Us Rise In History

In 2000, Mr.Yongzheng Li began his career as a assembly factory in small workshop, since that year, so much has been done.

After importing cylinder and mainbody to assembly period, Mr.Li began next step. In 2013, he started a trading company of selling hydraulic breaking hammers.

Until 2015, he decided to found a family company, Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery for design, production and sale of excavator attachments, especially hydraulic breakers with the brand of CTHB.

The values of family factory and compnay have allowed us to establish itself on the global market and grow our own network of dealers throughtout the world.

100% Self-Own Factory and Proven Products

CTHB guarantees entirely designed and manufactured in the 3 factories.

We began with design, production and sale of heavy-duty hammer. During the long time market, our products achieved the huge success in this segment.

Now we have hydraulic breakers for excavator weighted from 0.5 tons to 80 tons.

Various kinds of excavator attachments suits for excavator from 5 tons to 40 tons, for example, excavator quick hitch, hydraulic compactors, hydraulic shears, hydraulic pulverizers, grabs and etc.

So whether you are working with demolition, recycling, mining, construction or quarrying, we have the hammer and attachments to give you the best solutions.

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Improvement, Control, and Move Forward

Improvement, Control, and Move Forward

Our products are done and finished with continuous innovation in the CTHB excavator attachments development factories, where there are:
– 3 well equipped workshops with 25 high-productivity CNC machines;
– More than 60 sophisticated workers charge for production;
– a large spare parts warehouse include cylinders, front head, back head, seal kits, bushings, through bolts, side bolts and etc;
– 2000 m² assembly place allows employee workes at same time to shorten the assembly time, reduce the total leading time effectively;
– the QC and testing department where we make sure of the absolute correctness of the various components of our products;They will pick large samples for testing each production.
This philosophy allowed CTHB to develop the international and domestic market, soon become a leading brand in the demolition industry, competing with a group of similar-sized rivals.

Workshop Showing

CTHB sets the sights on predicting and reacting quickly to the needs of the marketplace, and connecting with our dealers by supporting them, relying on the skills of the workers and development teams.By always taking the time to properly develop and improve our products, looking forward to you join …

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