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Excavator Hydraulic Wood & Rock Grapple

CTHB hydraulic wood grapple is mainly composed of two cylinders, two grapple jaws, and a rotating motor, which is an excavator attachment applied to forestry and landscaping.

We have different designs for the grapple-type attachments,  mechanical wood grabbers, double-cylinder and single-cylinder grapples, with/without rotating functions, etc. Single-cylinder grapples are for mini excavators. A lightweight design can prevent mini excavators from overloading. Double-cylinder offers bigger grab force, and can easily handle and move wood and rocks.

For wood loading and unloading, the 360-degree rotating function is the best solution for our customers.

“Grapple It Right, Handle Wood with Might.”


Description/Model Unit HG400 HG600 HG800 HG1000
Grapple Weight kg 320 680 1180 1600
Total Length mm 1000 1300 1700 2300
Opening Width (MAX) mm 1400 1800 2300 2500
Operating Pressure bar 200 200 200 300
Oil Flow l/min 35-65 80-110 110-160 140-180
Suitable Excavator Weight ton 4-7 9-16 18-26 28-35
Description/Model Unit HG400 HG600 HG800 HG1000
Grapple Weight lbs 706 1,499 2,602 3,528
Total Length inch 39 51 67 91
Opening Width (MAX) inch 55 71 91 96
Operating Pressure psi 2,900 2,900 2,900 4,350
Oil Flow gal/min 9-17 21-29 29-42 37-48
Suitable Excavator Weight lbs 8,818-15,432 19,841-35,274 39,683-57,320 61,729-77,161

*This specification may be changed without notice for performance improvement.
*Customization available.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Easy for mounting on excavator: electronic solenoid valve built into the grapple, only 2 pipes are need on excavator.
  • Easy for operating: grapples come with joysticker, which controls the rotating and opening, make the handling more flexible.
  • Option on number of tines: we have 3+2 tines or 4+3 tines for options, help customers achieve different working conditions.

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