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Excavator Rock Crushing Bucket

CTHB crusher buckets are used for crushing recycling materials: concrete, rock, asphalt, building or construction waste, foundry waste, and glass waste. Crushing buckets break these materials into small-diameter pieces. Then, small-diameter rocks could be sold as construction material, and those small-diameter waste pieces could be recycled and reused.

Rock crusher buckets are also known as jaw buckets because they have two crushing jaws, one fixed and the other moved by a motor. First, the operator digs the rock; the excavator offers hydraulic power to drive the motor, then buckets start to crush the rocks. The operator can adjust the plate inside of the buckets to control the diameter of the rock that comes out of the bucket’s bottom side…..

“Mighty Crush, Unyielding Durability: Efficiency Redefined in Every Load!”


Specifications/Model Unit CTB20C BC30C
Suitable Excavator ton ≥20 ≥30
Weight ton 3.5 4.75
Bucket Capacity m^3 0.8 1.3
Oil Pressure Mpa >22 >22
Hydraulic Oil Flow L/min 200 200
Bucket Open Width mm 850 1190
Bucket Open Hight mm 430 525
Size (L*W*H) mm 2065*1310*1390 2156*1645*1395
Specifications/Model Unit CTB20C CTB30C
Suitable Excavator lbs ≥44,092 ≥66,139
Bucket Weight lbs 7,716 10,471
Bucket Capacity  ft³ 28 46
Oil Pressure psi >3,190 >3,190
Hydraulic Oil Flow gal/min 60 60
Bucket Open Width inch 34 48
Bucket Open Hight inch 17 21
Bucket Size (L*W*H) inch 83*52*56 86*66*56

*This specification may be changed without notice for performance improvement.
*Customization available.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Eliminate most vibration due to the compact design.
  • Adjustable output rock size, from 2cm to 15cm.
  • Designed to increase 25 %production rates to traditional crushing buckets
  • Widest crusher open, available on the market.
  • Easy to add grease oil, quick and easy maintenance without sending back to factory.

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