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Hydraulic Motor Screening Bucket For Excavators
Hydraulic Motor Screening Bucket For Excavators

Excavator Screening Bucket

Screening buckets are excavator attachments that help separate and screen materials. CTHB rotating motor is built into the bucket, when it starts to work, centrifugal force would throw the smaller materials out of the bucket through the hole. We provide different hole sizes for the various screening demands.

For the application, the excavator screen bucket has multiple uses, mainly applied before the crushing phase and after the crushing phase. It also can be used for cleaning the river, gold rush, etc.

“Screen with Power, Last for Hours: Unleashing Durability and Efficiency in Every Sieve!”


Specifications/Model Unit CTB20S CTB30S
Suitable Excavator ton 15-22 22-35
Bucket Weight kg 1500 1850
Bucket Capacity m^3 1.3 2.1
Oil Pressure Mpa 180 180
Hydraulic Oil Flow L/min 100 100
Size (L*W*H) mm 2065*1310*1390 2156*1645*1395
Specifications/Model Unit CTB20S CTB30S
Suitable Excavator lbs 33,069-48,502 48,502-77,162
Bucket Weight lbs 3,300 4,070
Bucket Capacity  ft³ 46 74
Oil Pressure psi 26,100 26,100
Hydraulic Oil Flow gal/min 30 30
Size (L*W*H) inch 83*52*56 86*66*56

*This specification may be changed without notice for performance improvement.
*Customization available.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Customized Screening Hole Size: customers can choose the hole size based on their working condition, then we will produce follow our customers’demands.
  • Waterproof Motor:can work under water, to clean the blocked river channel.
  • Compact Design: valve, motor, pipes are all built inside, no essentials parts exposed, reduce the probility of broken during work period.

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